Marketing your yoga business in 5 minutes...

Oh yeah friend, it's possible and it's awesome! Let's do this! 

"Amanda teaches yoga marketing in a way that makes it simple and fun."

You became a yoga teacher to help people but now you're running a yoga business and let's face's overwhelming.


But marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming and icky. 

Marketing is neutral.

It's how you market your yoga business that makes it positive or otherwise. 

Somewhere along the way "marketing" got a bad rap...


and I'm not talking like me trying to bust out a rap song (even though I do love a good beat)...


It's probably because you felt like an advertisement was misleading or you've felt taken advantage of in some way and the bad rap landed on "marketing". 


But here's the deal friend, marketing is simply how you communicate to others. And just like someone can be sweet or rude, your marketing can be fun and

(get ready for it) TRUTHFUL! 

Hi! I'm Amanda

And I would love to teach you how marketing can be simple and fun (if you let it!) so you can make more money teaching yoga! 

Where are you in your yoga business journey? 

I want to meet you where you are like you do for your students. So tell me, where can I meet you?

"Wow! You never fail to deliver Amanda. I can't thank you enough." - Kelly
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