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“Amanda, I never thought of myself as a business owner until you told me I was one.”

Hey there you awesome yoga teacher you! Did you know you are a business owner?


I’ve heard “Amanda, I didn’t think of myself as a business owner until you told me I was one” more times than I can count and it's the phrase that changed by business completely. 


Rightfully so, when you were in yoga teacher training you learned how to teach yoga...not how to run a business. There is so much to learn in your first 200 hour training that the “business of yoga” is usually fit into a 1 or 2 hour slot if at all. And as a business owner myself, trust me, that is not enough time to learn what the heck to do.


Plus, at that point, you don’t know what you don’t know so you didn’t even think to ask more about it. You were pumped to be on your way to graduating and looking forward to teaching.

But great news my new friend, I’ve got you! As a Marketing Coach for yoga teachers I can teach you how to market yourself as a yoga teacher and I’ve got some overall business tips weaved in as well.

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