I'm a marketing coach who is fueled by coffee, sunrises, smiles and of course, YOGA.  
And my mission is to help you earn a living sharing yoga with others...without the burn out of driving to 5+ studios a day.

Because burnout is real and it when it happens, your aren’t able to positively impact as many students. While I can’t change the world overnight and magically have studios increase your pay, I can help you change the things you control.

As a yoga teacher, it’s likely that you don’t see yourself as a business owner or someone who is creating a personal brand. Plus, the idea of marketing or promoting yourself feels awful.


I get it! And that is not what I’m all about.


What I love to share with my students is that creating a brand is simply taking the unique, authentic self that is already within you and sharing it with the world in a consistent way that resonates with your audience. The missing link is only a little time to get clear on the messaging and then sharing it with others.


So, to you dear yoga teacher who:

  • Is teaching at 5+ studios in different areas of town, exhausted;

  • is also holding down a “day job” trying to make ends meet financially;

  • and cannot fathom spending any more time on social media to try and get students to come to class, consistently.  

You, are my dream student!


See what I did there? I was able to recognize and call out exactly where you are so I can meet you there. Is this all yoga teachers? Heck no! It’s specifically YOU, where you are. And this is exactly what I want to help you discover. How to speak to your dream student and invite them to your classes or private sessions.


I am here for you. To teach and guide you to create and communicate your authentic brand in a way that feels right to you. No more “icky marketing” or feeling like a salesperson. That doesn’t work. Being authentic and connecting with your audience to grow your impact is what works.

You've got this! 

And the first step I want you to take is to download my FREE GUIDE on getting specific about who you want to serve. Because the sooner you can get clear on that, the sooner your yoga business will grow organically! Simply enter your info below and the guide will be delivered to your email inbox immediately.