Creating a brand identity is so much more than a logo!

...although it is fun to show off once it's created

While that’s an important part of your visual brand...your logo is actually one of the last things I suggest that you think about since there are so many more elements that go into your brand identity.

Creating a brand identity is one of my absolute favorite things to do with new clients. I have worked with clients who are just starting to think about creating a brand and a business and also those who have been in business for many years but simply never took the time to focus on a true brand identity.

There are many templates out there that focus on a mission and vision statement and those work well for some but for me - I felt very stuck with this when creating a personal brand. So I went a different route that felt more authentic to me. And as it turns out, this same route has felt more authentic to all of my clients too!

I would be honored to be a part of your brand identity journey. During this process I ask you questions that will help you define your brand. There is nothing cookie-cutter about the output, it’s all YOU! There are no right or wrong answers and I help you along the way.

There are two options for this exercise as I have found that different approaches are better for different people (and budgets).

Regardless of which you choose,

you will receive the following:

  • Brand Identity exercises that walk you through the process of digging deep and truly identifying your authentic brand identity

  • Which leads to creation of your very own Brand Identity Document that will be a reference for you and serve as a guiding light for your business decisions for years to come 

  • Plus, you will identify your visual brand too and create a Brand Style Guide to keep your visual brand consistent

  • But most importantly, you will gain CONFIDENCE and PRIDE in your brand identity

The live option is built for you who wants someone to walk you through the process in-person (virtually). With this option, I personally meet with you and walk you through this process so that when you are going through the workbook, I am there with you on video to answer questions and help you dig deeper. 

This option includes: 

  • 1.5 hour video meeting to go through all branding exercises 

  • Time for you to work through the workbook after the call 

  • After you return the workbook to me, I create your Brand Identity Document & Brand Style Guide

  • We follow up with a 1-hour meeting to go through everything and celebrate your brand identity! 

Investment = $899

*Payment plan available, email

The on-demand option is built for you, who is ready to jump in immediately and start the process on your own. With this process, you will receive a video of me walking you through the brand identity exercise. This option allows you to go at your own pace, stop/pause the video at any time and complete the workbook at any time after purchase. 

This option includes: 

  • Immediate delivery of the brand identity exercise video  

  • Workbook to use during the exercise

  • Lots of encouragement along the way!

Investment = $197