Like you work with private clients and create customized sequences, I work with you on your marketing, one-on-one.

When I said "I'm going all in with yoga teachers and I want to help them make more money" everything changed. 

  • Yes, it took time to gain traction with a new audience 

  • Yes, it took energy for me to update my entire website 

  • Yes, there was a transition period 

But my mindset changed and it was GAME-ON! So if you're ready, I mean really ready to jump in and do the work (I know you are!) then I've got two all-in options for you! 

If you're looking for my 1-hour coaching calls, you can find them HERE on my website. These are no-commitment, 1-hour coaching calls where you get your questions answered. 

All-In Options:

What's all-in? It's when you're ready to put in the effort even when you don't want to. When you're ready to say "yes Amanda, I know it will take 6 months to gain traction but I'm in it for the long-haul". It's when you're committed. 
And there are two indicators for me on this: 
1. You're willing to invest the time
2. You're willing to invest your financial resources 
When you will invest your energy, time and finances, nothing will stop you. Just think back to the day you signed up and paid for your teacher training (or multiple trainings, let's be honest!). You said "I'm in" and you figured out how to make it work and learned to teach yoga. 
Same goes for marketing. And these two options are my version of working with you like a teacher training:
  • Every-other week, coaching (video calls) 
  • Unlimited support on Voxer
You will make progress on your goals - whether it's to launch your online offering, set up systems and automations in your marketing, define and refine your niche (and online messaging). You set the goal, I outline the steps and hold you accountable. It's a great time! 
  • An entire day for you and your yoga business
  • No other distractions 
This could look like planning for a launch, your yearly business planning, refining your website or email funnels. You choose the one goal for the day and you get me focused on your business for an entire day. 

The Investment

Option 1: 

3 Months of 1:1 Coaching 

$500 USD per month (Total = $1,500 USD) 


Option 2: 

1 Full Day of Business Planning 

$1,500 USD  

Just like a private yoga session, these options are tailored to you. You goals are what we focus on and you will have a plan going forward. This is the good stuff! 

Ready to chat? Contact me directly using the button below to see what my availability is for these offerings and schedule a 15-minute chat. I do limit the number of 1:1 students I have so you get my full focus. 


How much can we accomplish in a day? Or 3 months? 
I've worked with clients for a full day and created a launch plan as well as mapped out a website and sales funnels. I've also worked on a full year sales and marketing plan. Plans can be created in a day but the implementation of the plan is up to you. 
With 3-months of coaching we work 1-hour at a time but you have accountability. So you can get a lot done! From marketing in general - meaning tweaking words as you learn about your audience - to creating and launching a new offering. Imagine having me in your back pocket as you marketed a new program and wanted feedback on your sales pages or emails or simply encouragement all throughout. This is what can happen in 3 months! 
Do you offer payment plans? 
For the 3 month coaching package you can pay in full or pay monthly. For the day rate package, I accept 50% down and 50% due the day before the full day business planning session. 

Let's Do This!

Send me a note and let me know you're all in! I can't wait to work with you!!!