5 Weeks to Confident Yoga Marketing 
5 Weeks to Confident Yoga Marketing

The 5-week course that teaches you how to market your yoga business with confidence so you can earn more money doing what you love!

Start marketing your yoga business and making more money in just 5 weeks! This digital course teaches you step by step how to market your yoga in an authentic way to help you build your dream yoga business.
Doors are opening on January 31st, 2020. Get on the waitlist to be the first to know! 

"Amanda you are present, keeping the conversation going but also bringing up things we may not have thought about. I've found the live calls so helpful in addition to the recorded videos! Gives us the opportunity to dive in a little and then come with questions."
- Kristin 

- Sheridan, Founding Member 

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This course was created for YOU!


Does this sound like you? 

  • You struggle with the idea of marketing yourself as a yoga teacher (honestly, it feels like crap and you don't want to do it) 

  • You're driving from studio to studio and find yourself thinking "there has to be a better way to earn more money than this" (and then likely shaming yourself for thinking about sharing yoga for an exchange of money....yep, there's that money mindset kicking in!) 

  • You've heard this idea about niching down but it just feels too hard (and scary to be real!) and you wish you had some guidance 

I see you 
I hear you 
And I'm here for you sweet friend!

This is because I've been working with you (aka: other yoga teachers who feel the exact same!!). I've worked with countless yoga teachers and when I ask this question it all starts to come together...

What if you didn't share the yoga that lights up your heart?

  • What if that mom didn't have an hour to herself at the end of the week?

  • What if that senior didn't have the chair yoga class that helped them get up from the recliner every day?

  • What if that corporate executive didn't have that meditation on audio to help them in the middle of the day when they need it? 

  • What if....

Seriously?! You're impacting lives and I want you to impact more because the more lives you impact, the better the world is! And you know what I truly believe (that rubs some people the wrong way and it's totally okay)...

I believe with my WHOLE HEART that you deserve and should earn a full time living by living your passion and teaching YOUR yoga.

This belief is what led me to create this digital course. Actually, it started as a Membership (which is still going strong!) but what I found was that with all the information presented at once it was overwhelming. 

So now it's a 5 week course with Modules dripped out one week at a time! 

Each week you will receive a couple lessons focused on one topic (see the breakdown later on this page) PLUS weekly office hours to ask your specific questions. 

You can enroll in the course on January 31, 2020. Get on the waitlist now: 

And since my current Members have gone through some of these lessons already and have experienced my teaching style, they wanted to share a few words with you...

Ambar said...

"Amanda, you are always over-delivering! Thank you for all you do. Your work ethic is extremely inspiring!"

And Barbara said...

"I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to Amanda. When I first began working with you I had just completed YTT and didn't know where to go from there. I was all over the map and didn't have much confidence that I would ever start teaching. You have given me tremendous support, knowledge, strategies and wisdom. Thanks to you I began teaching Kids Yoga this fall. Now I'm planning to teach a new group of yoga students. It's all thanks to you. I received an email blast about a great teaching opportunity and the email said they were looking for subs. I jumped right on it and they offered me the lead teacher position instead!!! Amanda, you gave me confidence and the right words to talk about what I have to offer in an authentic way, I was able to convey to someone I had never met on a phone call. I so appreciate working with you and look forward to continuing to learn and grow with you in 2020."


Module 1: Get Your (Marketing) Mindset Right 

Module Lessons: 

  • Why marketing matters 

  • Why mindset matters

  • Your why and goal

  • Scheduling time to work

Why this matters: 
If you're looking to grow your yoga business, then it's critical to work ON your business and not just IN it. This means scheduling time and getting intentional with the time you spend marketing your business. This module will set you up for success immediately! You will be super clear on your goals and when you're going to make it happen! Plus you will schedule time to work through the course so if you stick to it you are guaranteed to finish the course and take action!!! 

Module 2: Be Specific and Make More Money 

Module Lessons: 

  • Why your niche matters

  • Declare your niche

  • What do they want? 

  • Give them what they want (and need) 

Why this matters: 
Focusing on one area specifically 
can be the scary step that many yoga teachers skip but not you, you'll have support in this step so you can take it with confidence! Plus the step by step process to identifying what your dream student wants (and needs) so you know exactly what to offer as a yoga teacher. 

Module 3: Create Your Marketing Sequence 

Module Lessons: 

  • Email 101

  • Website 101

  • Content 101

  • Social Media 101

  • Choose 3 Channels

  • Plan Your Marketing

Why this matters: 
This is why you landed on this page and you're considering this course. You're looking for information on marketing your yoga business and this is the module that will give you the 101 course on email marketing, your website, social media, and creating content. But I don't just give you all the info and leave you hanging. Oh no! You will also create a realistic marketing sequence too! THIS is what will take you from "that's a good idea" to "this can really happen". 

Module 4: Grow Your Email List 

Module Lessons: 

  • Why you need a growth mindset

  • Creating an email freebie

  • Nurturing your email list 

  • Promoting your freebie

Why this matters:
Often, your email list is a direct indication of how much money you will make. Let's make sure you're happy (or working on) those numbers! Many yoga teachers are hesitant to take the step into email marketing so I'm breaking it down into simple steps so that you can do this with ease and confidence.

Module 5: Focus On The Future 

Module Lessons: 

  • Setting Good, Better and Best Marketing Goals

  • Learning and Adjusting 

Why this matters:

You will have learned A LOT by this time. And this is where many courses leave you hanging but not this one. In this module you will learn about taking this information forward. How to learn from all the marketing actions you take and how to adjust based on analytics and results. Setting goals is a game-changer and I'm sharing my go-to method and how it's helped me sell out offerings and not just me but other yoga teachers too! 


Oh yes - there are bonuses!! I just couldn't help myself to offer these things along with the course! 

  • Confident Branding Mini-Course ($97) **Because I know you want to create a logo!

  • 5 Weeks of 2-hour Q&A Calls ($1,000) **2 hours each week!! 

  • Private community for course student's only (Impossible to name a price on this!) 

Get on the waitlist to enroll when the doors open on January 31, 2020! 

And oh yeah...there's a guarantee too!

I would never want you to be unhappy so of course I'm offering a refund policy. If you watch and take action on the first 3 modules of this course and are not satisfied with the content and/or support you're receiving, simply email me with an explanation of the actions you've taken and how you are unsatisfied and I will refund every penny of your investment. Email me at amanda@marketingyogawithconfidence.com by March 8th.

Here's what you get when you enroll today:

5 Weeks to Confident Yoga Marketing digital course - $399 value 

Module 1: Get Your Marketing (Mindset) Right

Module 2: Be Specific And Make More Money 

Module 3: Create Your Marketing Sequence 

Module 4: Grow Your Email List

Module 5: Focus on the Future

PLUS, these Bonuses! 

Bonus 1: Confident Branding Mini-Course ($97 Value) 

Bonus 2: 5 Live Office Hour Sessions at 2 hours each = that's 10 hours of Q&A time! ($1,000 Value) 

Bonus 3: Private community for course students (Impossible to put a price on this!)

Total Value = $1,496 (+ the Private Community) 

But when you enroll today, you'll get it all for just $199! 

Yeah...you read that right...$199! 

There are two payment options too! Pay today in full for $199 or 2 monthly payments of $100. 

What are you waiting for? Get on the waitlist to be the first to enroll on January 31, 2020 when the doors open! 

If you have questions, email me at amanda@marketingyogawithconfidence.com and I will personally respond to you!