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5 Simple Steps!

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Are you ready to kick-start (or amplify) your marketing?

I know you love teaching but I also know it’s exhausting to drive from studio to studio and constantly inviting students to classes all over town.


There are better, and easier ways, than you think of marketing yourself as a yoga teacher.


No slimy sales techniques here though! It’s all about being authentic and stepping into your uniqueness as a yoga teacher. In this free webinar I’m sharing the 5 simple things you can do to start (or amplify) your marketing as a yoga teacher. 

In this Free Training, you will:

  • Learn the 5 simple steps to set your marketing flow as a yoga teacher

  • Know what to include on a yoga teacher business card 

  • Understand why a passion statement (aka: mission statement) helps marketing

  • Take action today on the 5 steps - they are that simple! 


But more importantly, you will walk away with confidence in marketing YOUR yoga!


The yoga that lights you up and you have a passion for, not anyone else's yoga. Tapping into your passion allows the idea of marketing to feel more like a conversation with a friend. This is the way I coach and teach. 


I know marketing can feel 'icky' but think about it this way - you would be doing your dream student a disservice if you don't tell them about your offers =) 

This Free Training is made for you!

​You dear yoga teacher, who doesn't love the idea of marketing yourself but knows that it's something you need to do in order to have the business that you desire. 

You dear yoga teacher, who secretly wants to make teaching yoga your full-time career but isn't sure how to do it so you don't even talk about. 

You dear yoga teacher, who LOVES working with your students so much you want to give your services away for free but knows that if you do that you have to keep your part (or full) time job. 

This training is for you. It's 5 simple steps to kick-start your marketing. And the best news is that it's FREE! Sure I will mention the other ways you can work with me (spoiler's that I'm opening the doors to my membership in September!) but otherwise, you get me talking about 5 simple steps to set your marketing flow as a yoga teacher for an hour. You will walk away with easy-to-implement marketing ideas that you can use that day. I'm not holding anything back and you will have the chance to ask questions too. 

What are you waiting for my friend? Grab your seat for the free training! I want you to join live for sure but if you can't there will be a replay too. 

Gain confidence and clarity for FREE!