Time to get started!

Remember the first time you taught a yoga class? How nervous you were? 

But now you can basically teach in your sleep! You've come so far and you're a phenomenal teacher!! Kudos to you for putting in all the effort it took to get comfortable at something that was so nerve-wracking to start with. 

Well friend...marketing will be similar. It might be uncomfortable for a bit but I promise you, just like teaching, it will get so much easier!! 

Where to start?

I like to share as much as I can for free but I also know, more choices can be overwhelming (hello, Netflix!) 


If you feel this way, I suggest to start with the 5 Minute Marketing Challenge first. This will set the stage for all the other things. Then take it at your own pace. 


Remember, these trainings and guides will be here. So take your time and take one step at a time. Marketing happens one action at a time. 

5 Minute Marketing Challenge

Free Challenge (start here!)

Start small to create big change in your business. Just like you would tell your students to start with just a few minutes of yoga, I want you to start with just a few minutes of marketing =) 

5 Steps to Market Your Yoga

Free Training 

Not sure where to start when it comes to marketing? I got you! In this 1-hour free training I've outlined 5 steps to get you started. 
*Replay of live training but it was too good not to share! 

5 Day Video Challenge

Free Challenge 

Using video to market your classes, workshops or private sessions can be next to paralyzing! But using video is one of the best ways to connect with your dream students and fill your offerings. Trust me! In this 5-day challenge we will bust through the nerves and I'm with you the whole way! 

How to Market Your Workshop

Free Training 

So you've got a workshop planned or have the idea. Now it's time to get students registered. In this free training, I share the go-to plan for marketing a workshop. There's a template included and I answered 20 minutes of questions at the end of this live training! 

Fill Your Classes in 3 Steps

Free Training 

Let's fill that class! And to be clear, "filled" can be 3, 30 or 300, it doesn't matter the number. The action is the same. We want to fill the class so you can help more people with yoga. This training walks through 3 simple steps you can take right away to fill that class. Plus you can use this method to fill any yoga offering. 

Copywriting Like a Pro

Free Training 

Have you ever thought "I don't know what to write" as you start at your computer to write an email or your phone to write a social media post? You aren't alone and this free training has tips so you won't feel this way again.