I'm currently working with a SOLD OUT group now but would love to work with you next!

Discover your next best steps so you can make progress, FAST!

With a group supporting you in every step

This group is for YOU! The yoga teacher who: 

  • Absolutely loves sharing yoga with your students and wants to kick the statement "you can't earn a living teaching yoga" to the curb

  • Has BIG goals and the drive to make them happen too

  • Is craving connection with a small group of yoga teachers who are ready to elevate everyone's business by sharing ideas, working through roadblocks and celebrating wins

  • Would love the support of a marketing and business coach to help you identify your next best steps for you to make progress 


In this 8-week program, we'll identify your next best steps each week so you can succeed and make BIG progress! 

Truth Time....Have you found yourself thinking this: 

  • "I'm so tired of driving from studio to studio all day and still stressing out about paying my bills." 

  • "I'm this close (finger and thumb almost touching) to throwing in the towel. I'm so close to burn out.

  • "If I just knew what to do next. I need a plan to help me." 

  • "I don't even know what I don't know. I'm a yoga teacher, not an entrepreneur.

  • "I've been teaching for a few years and I'm not where I wanted to be at this point. I know I need help in order to actually make progress." 

  • "I'm ready to make a change. I want this to work. I want to teach yoga full time as a career but I don't know how to make it happen." 

  • "I've invested in so many trainings but I'm still struggling to gain private clients/get more students in class/get my message out there. I'm not sure what to do." 

It IS POSSIBLE to earn a living teaching yoga without working at 5+ studios and 2 part time jobs. Let's uncover your plan!


The ingredients that make group coaching so effective: 

Weekly Coaching 
8 weeks of 1-hr virtual meetings (yes, every week!) for accountability, support when you hit roadblocks in your journey, and to celebrate the wins along the way. You will have my marketing and business experience working for your business! 

Small Group Support 
You aren't alone in this. You'll have other yoga teachers cheering you on and sharing ideas every step of the way. Regardless of your 8-week goal, whether it's to start a blog, gain more private clients, launch a new class/program, or something completely different, you will have a team of people supporting you. 

There's no hiding in this program. You said YES, I want to make progress and that is exactly what's going to happen. You will make progress! With Monday check-ins and Friday check-outs, you will make it happen (whatever "it" is for your yoga business). 

One-on-One Touch Points
Not only will you receive 8 hours of coaching with the group but you will also have 2, 1-hour calls just you and I. In the first call we will discuss your goals and identify the one to focus on for the 8 weeks. We will then create a plan for the 8 weeks ahead. Then as we are wrapping up the 8 weeks of coaching, we will meet again one-on-one to ensure you feel complete and set up for success as you transition out of coaching. Trust me - THIS is the game changer with group coaching. You need the transition plan since you're used to the group. 

If you've been trying to build your yoga business for months or years and feel stuck. This is for you!
  • 8 weeks of coaching

  • Weekly 1-hr group calls to address any roadblocks you have encountered, ask questions about your specific situation and receive feedback from the group

  • Monday check-ins through a private Facebook group to identify what you will be doing this week. 

  • Friday check-outs through a private Facebook group to give an update on your action items and how you are feeling about everything that week. 

  • PLUS...two, 1-hr one-on-one calls with me (yes really just me and you on a call). We will schedule one for the beginning of the 8 weeks and one at the end. We will set your 8-week goals and then have a plan for you following the 8-week group coaching 

When you say YES and commit to setting goals and helping others, I can guarantee that you will make progress in just 8 weeks. Imagine going into summer feeling AWESOME about your business progress! 

All this for $397 total! 

(Just one 1-hr call with me is $150, you are getting 2 of those plus 8 weeks of group calls. The value is $1,500!) 


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Words straight from my students...

Amanda is creative, driven, warm, professional, and smart - she’s got the goods and she’s not afraid to share them. My biggest takeaways from Amanda are: as a yoga teacher, I am business owner (and I feel more confident in applying myself as such!), collaboration is a sign of strength, name and move toward professional projects and goals, and I already have all I need to build my personal brand - I just needed the guidance, organization, reminders, and accountability. Amanda has provided that accountability, support, and continues to celebrate my progress. I highly recommend Amanda!" 

- Megan, E-RYT 500 

"Trying to do it on my own was clearly not working for me. Not only did I launch my business within the first few months of working with Amanda but I gained a one-on-one client within the first day of my launch!" 

- Amanda, Fitness/Wellness Coach

I'm getting so much out of our sessions.  But the GEM is that Amanda makes everything  seem doable and exciting.  It's easy for me to feel overwhelmed by all the little things." 

- Mandy, E-RYT 500

"Amanda got involved with ALL aspects of my business and helped me to really organize everything into what needed to be focused on and what ideas needed to "sit on the shelf for now" as I could hear her saying right now. Amanda always sent detailed session notes at the end of our call with tasks that her and I had to complete by our next call. If you need organization, this is the coach for you! Amanda has a genuine passion for her work and was ALL IN for my business and helping me to accomplish the vision that I had. From a huge bootcamp launch to relaunching my website and brand that I am so proud of, Amanda was there. Amanda is seriously the real deal and will have your back from beginning to end." 

- Caprisha, Fitness/Wellness Coach

"Amanda will tell you she sells marketing coaching but it's much more than that. She sells confidence and accountability, and you get an amazing strategic marketing plan as a bonus. Her guidance and encouragement has been invaluable. My business wouldn't be where it is today without her. I wanted to find a marketing rhythm so I could focus on my next big project and she helped me do that and more! It's such a blessing to be working with someone who believes in my business as much as I do!" 

- Crystal, Leadership Coach

Hi! I'm Amanda and it's truly an honor to be connecting with you. 

My mission is to ensure that every yoga teacher feels empowered and encouraged as a business owner. For you to truly understand the value that you provide to your students and start owning the title "business owner" and/or "entrepreneur". 

You have gifts that you want to share with others, I just help you get the word out about your unique awesomeness! 

You would be a GREAT addition to the group!