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Confidence + Community

Monthly membership site for yoga teachers who are ready to earn more money through authentic, easy-to-implement marketing

"Marketing Yoga With Confidence is really a one-stop-shop for all of the marketing content that you need to be a yoga professional." 
- Sheridan, Founding Member

- Sheridan, Founding Member 


This monthly membership is for you, my dear yoga teacher friend!


Does this sound like you? 

  • You struggle with the idea of marketing yourself as a yoga teacher (honestly, it feels like crap and you don't want to do it) 

  • You're driving from studio to studio and find yourself thinking "there has to be a better way to earn more money than this" (and then likely shame yourself for thinking about sharing yoga for an exchange of money....yep, there's that money mindset kicking in!) 

  • You've heard this idea about niching down but it just feels too hard (and scary to be real!) and you wish you had some guidance 

I see you 
I hear you 
And I'm here for you sweet friend!

This is because I've been working with you (aka: other yoga teachers who feel the exact same!!). I've worked with countless yoga teachers and when I ask this question it all starts to come together...

What if you didn't share the yoga that lights up your heart with your students?

  • What if that mom didn't have an hour to herself at the end of the week?

  • What if that senior didn't have the chair yoga class that helped them get up from the recliner every day?

  • What if that corporate executive didn't have that meditation on audio to help them in the middle of the day when they need it? 

  • What if....

Seriously?! You're impacting lives and I want you to impact more because the more lives you impact, the better the world is! And you know what I truly believe (that rubs some people the wrong way and it's totally okay)...

I believe with my WHOLE HEART that you deserve and should earn a full time living by living your passion and teaching YOUR yoga.

This belief is what drives everything in the membership. It's created for you to build your Confidence and your Community. Confidence comes through learning and I've got you covered there. There are tons of video tutorials ready for you to dive into as soon as you join. But the Community is my favorite piece! 

And I want you to hear from some of the Founding Members because they say it best..

Sheridan said...
And Ashley says...
Be still my heart...THIS is why the Membership was created!

What started as an idea of helping yoga teachers through video tutorials and a Facebook Group has truly grown into something that I couldn't be more proud of. This is place where yoga teachers show up to learn but do so much more. They connect with others and share ideas, passions and advice. 

It's the place where I spend almost all of my time! I've poured so much into the Members that I've decided to only work with yoga teachers within the Membership going forward. 


  • Within the Membership I will now offer Group and One-on-One Coaching

  • Within the Membership I will offer virtual events

  • Within the Membership....who knows what will come next but I do know that 100% it will be within the Membership. 

So if you want to work with me, this is the best way! Join the Membership! There's no contract, you decide if you want to go month-to-month or pay for the year. No strings attached. You can jump in and try it for one month and see how much you'll use it. I know you'll love it! 

The Membership is closed for enrollment.
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What you'll get for just $25 a month (or $250 per year):
  • Instant access to my digital course: Intentional Instagram ($57 value) 

  • Instant access to all the video tutorials that are already created (see the list below)

  • New monthly tutorials based on what you ask for  

  • Discounted 1-hour one-on-one calls with me to get my focused attention 

Video Tutorials Included Currently: 

  • Niching Down 

  • Accounting 101

  • Instagram (you get the entire 8-module course!)

  • Instagram Stories 

  • Facebook 101 

  • Facebook Groups 

  • Video Marketing 101 

  • Website 101

Q&A call recordings for each topic are in the Membership too! 

What Members Are Saying...


The Membership has been such an instrumental part of my business growing!


The Membership has been super helpful! It helps keep me organized, accountable and I know what to post for marketing.


I love working with a yogi marketing coach who lets me know it's okay to ask for help. 

I can't wait to celebrate you as you join the Membership!
The Membership is closed for enrollment.
Jump on the waitlist to know when the doors open.