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Quick & Easy Website

Yes please! 

This is usually what I hear if I ask "do you want a quick and easy website". If you just said this in your head too then I've got the answer for you my friend...

Offering Tree 

Offering Tree is a company that set out to be different. They started and still have the mission of helping yoga teachers "tech less and teach more". 

How awesome is that?! 

And it's because they're so awesome that I want to share them and their resources with you. Check 'em out and then tag me on Instagram when you're ready to share your amazing new website!!!! (@amandamckinneyyoga) 


Because you're in my audience, you get 50% off the first 3 months on monthly plans and 15% off the first year on annual plans!!!! 

No coupon code needed, simply click any link from my website to Offering Tree and you it will automatically be applied for you! 

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Podcast Episode: 5 things you need for your online presence 

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